Bi-annual International Symposium on Restorative Justice & Human Rights

IARS' Restorative Justice Research Network in partnership with Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences and the Hellenic Social Mediation Centre in Greece established the bi-annual, International Symposium on Restorative Justice & Human Rights held in Skopelos island. The initiative is led by Prof. Vasso Artinopoulou and Dr. Theo Gavrielides.
1st International Symposium on the Philosophy of Restorative Justice and Human Rights
JUNE 2012, Saturday 2nd - Thursday 7th

The first Symposium is being held in Skopelos between 2-7 June 2012. This unique event will bring together an exclusive group of 20 leading international names from the field of restorative justice and human rights. The event will take the format of an ancient Greek symposium allowing in-depth discussions on papers that will later be published by De Sitter as part of an edited Volume.

The event is supported by the European Public Law Organisation and the Mayor of Skopelos.
The idea of bringing the disciplines of restorative justice and human rights under the scrutiny of philosophy sprang from the 2012 Gavrielides' Edition Rights & Restoration within Youth Justice and the international conference that Panteion organised in December 2010 to celebrate 60 years from the signing of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The structure and location of the symposium will enable the ‘symposiarchs’ (the participating guests) to debate their papers and delve into concepts and issues in an engaging and enriching environment. Questions that will be asked:
  • Unravelling the historical foundations of restorative justice; where do human rights meet them?
  • Restorative justice and riots: is it possible?
  • Restorative justice and prisons: friends of foes?
  • The philosophical foundations of restorative justice; human rights reconsidered.
  • Theoretical and research based models of bridging restorative justice and human rights
  • Human rights and restorative justice: Bridging the gap in policy, research and practice.
  • Human rights redefined within the restorative justice paradigm
  • The roots of the restorative justice ethos and principles
  • Meta-theoretical questions on restorative justice and human rights.
  • Penology, human rights and restorative justice: alternative punishment or alternative to punishment?
  • An open window on restorative justice, what fresh thought and unconsidered factors may await our examination?
The event will be hosted at a traditional house next to Ancient Asclepeion. The delegates will participate in a Libation in the Ancient Asclepeion; there will be Orphic Hymns to Dionysos and Zeus. There will also be food cooked according to special, ancient Greek recipes. Throughout this event, we will endeavor to provide guests with unique opportunities to explore and enjoy the island. Overall, we hope to make this symposium a life enhancing experience.