N.A.I.S.W. 2011


Thessaloniki Offshore Racing Club (Th.O.R.C) is proud to announce that the North Aegean International Sailing Week (N.A.I.S.W.) for 2011 will be held in Skopelos island, simultaneously and in combination with the National Offshore Championship, from 6 to 13 August.
Boasting years of experience, Th.O.R.C.’s Organizing Committee is well familiar with the recipe for a successful carrying out of its crown event, the N.A.I.S.W. This year, faced with the additional challenge of organizing the National Offshore Championship in parallel with the N.A.I.S.W., the Committee has strategically appointed an island of exquisite beauty -situated conveniently in the center of the Aegean Sea- in an attempt to accomplish the best possible outcome for all parties involved.
The fact that more than twelve Nautical Clubs from throughout the country are expected to be represented, guarantees that the National Offshore Championship will turn out to be the year’s top sailing event and at the same time will provide the basis for a fundamental upgrading of the institution in the coming years. With a confirmed interest to enter from the country’s most competitive boats and crews within the ORCi and IRC classes and with additional incentives given to the ORCi GPH>700 class -which will enjoy separate race courses -total entries are estimated to exceed 40, securing that the three National Champions (IRC, ORCi and ORCi>700) will emerge from the most representative sample of the country’s racing fleet.
TH.O.R.C and the National Offshore Committee, in collaboration with the local Nautical Club of Skopelos and the neighboring Offshore Sailing Club of Volos have already begun preparations aiming to achieve a successful event both in the water as well as ashore, where a wide array of events is scheduled to take place, with the support of Skopelos Municipal Authorities.
Th.O.R.C. invites everybody to this fair, tough and enjoyable regatta in the center of Sporades Island Complex, the hospitable and picturesque island of Skopelos, where the pine trees reach the seashore, the beaches are beautiful and the magnificent island tradition oozes from every part of the Capital and the rest of its villages.

Source: N.A.I.S.W.